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TTG Strategic and Corporate Planning
TTG Inc. Strategic Planning

TTG provides direction for successful bank operating performance, developing and implementing strategic, profit, and capital plans, budgets, and underlying financial projections and assumptions, to address strategic planning requirements. Such planning takes into account: bank asset classifications; the nature and level of bank credit concentrations; the adequacy of bank Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses; planned asset growth; anticipated levels of retained earnings; anticipated and contingent liquidity needs; the source and timing of additional funds to fulfill future bank capital needs; and other factors. TTG consults with board members and bank personnel, and reviews bank planning documents such as financial models, external and internal audit reports, and bank regulatory correspondence.

TTG provides expertise in the following areas:
  • Corporate Governance
  • Board Oversight Review
  • Management Review
  • Strategic Planning, Profit Plans, and Budgets
  • Capital Planning
  • Compensation Review and Design Initiatives
  • Business Systems / Process Improvement and Profitability Enhancement
  • Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring

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