TTG Inc.
TTG Credit Risk Management
TTG Inc. Credit Risk Management

TTG provides assistance developing loan review risk rating systems, criticized asset programs, credit concentration risk management programs, aggregated customer risk evaluation systems, and other loan portfolio risk management matters. TTG evaluates bank resources to determine whether they are sufficient to support functional area structures. TTG develops programs for appropriate bank lending, loan review, and credit administration standards to meet regulatory requirements. TTG conducts on-site loan reviews, appraisal reviews, ALLL analysis, loan portfolio management assessment, and asset quality remediation.

TTG provides expertise in the following areas:
  • Credit Risk Management Review
  • Lending and Credit Administration Plans, Programs, and Policies
  • Loan Policy Revision
  • Credit Concentrations Risk Management
  • Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses - ALLL Policy / Methodology
  • Loan Review Risk Rating System and Grading Programs
  • Aggregated Customer Risk Assessment Systems
  • Asset Improvement / Classified Asset Reduction Plans
  • Loan Portfolio Risk Management / Stress Testing
  • Independent / External Loan Reviews

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