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TTG Inc. Consultant Louis N. Sanfelice
Louis N. Sanfelice handles TTG regulatory and strategic planning matters, with particular emphasis on corporate governance, management review, organizational structure, capital adequacy analysis, asset quality review, earnings and liquidity management assessment, risk management, bank crisis management, and Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML). During his 37-year career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, he held Bank Supervision and Regulation positions ranging from on-site field examiner to Vice President of the Bank Supervision, Regulation and Credit Department, responsible for enforcement activities and prompt corrective actions, problem bank resolutions, and domestic and international field operations. <Learn More>

TTG Inc. Consultant Jay C. McClung
Jay C. McClung handles TTG corporate and credit risk management issues, specializing in enterprise risk management, Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) and consumer compliance programs, business continuity planning, and asset quality management (credit risk management, credit administration, loan policies and procedures, ALLL methodology, concentrations of credit, credit regulatory compliance, and loan portfolio reviews). Mr. McClung has spent over 40 years working with banks in the Southeastern United States, developing enterprise-wide risk management systems, credit risk management controls for loan administration and review, regulatory compliance policies and procedures, and risk-related policies, procedures, forms, templates, and tracking mechanisms. <Learn More>

TTG Inc. Consultant J Dabney Carr
J. Dabney Carr handles TTG credit risk management assessment, credit audit and internal controls, corporate risk management, and Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) practices for financial institutions, specializing in asset quality management (including loan portfolio and credit risk management, loan policies and procedures development, ALLL methodology, concentrations of credit management, credit administration, and Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance). Mr. Carr spent 30 years working for Citigroup, managing wide-ranging corporate credit and operational risk responsibilities, initially in the Far East (1985–2004) and ultimately as Chief Auditor for Global Corporate Credit–Audit and Risk Review in the New York City Office from (2004–2007). <Learn More>
TTG Inc. Consultant Zach Bumpus
Zack Bumpus works with TTG on financial, compliance, organizational restructuring, and strategic projects involving corporate risk management, bank finance, and operations issues, including BSA/AML compliance management, enterprise risk management, financial controls management, technology systems planning, and operations management (IT, organizational structure, governance policies and procedures, audit committee management, and risk oversight committee management). Mr. Bumpus has spent over 38 years working with banks and bank servicing organizations in financial, operations, and strategic development management roles. <Learn More>
TTG Inc. Consultant Gary J. Jenkins
Gary J. Jenkins is TTG project manager for operations process and product improvements, systems and information technology enhancements, mergers and consolidations, and organizational restructuring. With more than 25 years of banking and consulting experience in the financial services industry, Mr. Jenkins has managed retail and loan operations projects for financial institutions ranging in size from $150 million to $100 billion in assets, as well as for large banks. He concentrates on revenue and profit enhancement, customer focused efficiencies, and management team building. <Learn More>
TTG Inc. Consultant Lori Glasgall
Lori Glasgall handles TTG compensation consulting projects. With over 26 years of corporate and consulting experience in the field of compensation, Ms. Glasgall’s background includes a wide range of compensation design initiatives including the evaluation, design, and implementation of a variety of base pay, variable pay (cash and equity), international compensation, and performance management programs. <Learn More>

Ann Hendon handles TTG credit administration and business process improvement projects involving loan operations, documentation, processing, servicing, systems, and compliance issues. With over 25 years of banking and consulting experience, Ms. Hendon has worked with mid-sized financial institutions, managing process improvement and income enhancement projects. Her background includes: administration of commercial and consumer loan underwriting systems; software installation, administration, and operation; regulatory compliance, Sarbanes Oxley control testing, and enterprise-wide risk management for lending operations; and back-office support of bank mergers, consolidations, realignment, and conversions. She trains client management and staff, develops a customer focused environment, and converts functional areas to more efficient operation. <Learn More>

Richard M. Stitcher handles TTG information technology operations compliance matters, concentrating on IT auditing and management information systems analysis. Over a 30-year career at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Mr. Stitcher developed expertise in IT Auditing, IT Policy Development, internal audit credit quality and documentation review, risk assessment support, information systems development and design, and training design, development, and delivery. He is an expert in the implementation of IT Risk Based Supervision for all forms of financial entities. <Learn More>

James D. Crozier handles TTG loan reviews, asset quality compliance, and training matters. His expertise includes quality assurance, commercial and real estate lending and valuation, credit risk assessment, risk measurement and management, supervision processes, and other regulatory compliance issues, as well as compliance training. <Learn More>
Dean S. Marriott works with TTG on regulatory compliance matters, with an emphasis on management assessment, board oversight evaluation, and organizational restructuring. Mr. Marriott’s expertise includes bank reorganization, risk management, supervision processes, capital adequacy analysis, and other regulatory compliance issues. During his 34-year career at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Mr. Marriott held various positions ranging from onsite bank examiner to Senior Deputy Comptroller of the Currency for Bank Supervision in Washington, D.C. <Learn More>


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