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Gary J. Jenkins

Gary J. Jenkins is TTG project manager for operations process and product improvements, systems and information technology enhancements, mergers and consolidations, and organizational restructuring. With more than 25 years of banking and consulting experience in the financial services industry, Mr. Jenkins has managed retail and loan operations projects for financial institutions ranging in size from $150 million to $100 billion in assets, as well as for large banks. He concentrates on revenue and profit enhancement, customer focused efficiencies, and management team building.
  • Sheshunoff Consulting & Solutions, Austin, Texan (1993-1998 and 2004-2005): Mr. Jenkins was Senior Consultant/Project Engagement Manager responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives aimed towards revamping organizational performance, improving strategic planning and development, and strengthening core leadership.
  • BankAtlantic, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (2005-2011): Mr. Jenkins served as Senior Vice President-Operations, responsible for expense control, AML, compliance, risk management, and product enhancement, focusing on retail development and managing 240 employees with a $24 million operating budget.
  • WestStar Bank, Vail, Colorado (2001-2004): Mr. Jenkins was Senior Executive Vice President-Chief Information Officer for this community bank (sold to USBank in 2004) where he managed back-office conversions for two mergers and upgraded all hardware and software tools and the core processing systems.
  • Union Planters Bank, Memphis, Tennessee (1998-2001): Mr. Jenkins was Executive Vice President-Operations for this $33 billion regional bank, where he led an internal consulting team overseeing Union Planters’ merger of 55 subsidiary banks and subsequently managed all operations of the resulting consolidated bank, involving 800 locations in 12 states.
  • Previously, Mr. Jenkins worked in various management roles for: EDS Consulting, Dallas, Texas; Goldome FSB, Clearwater, Florida; Ernst & Young, St. Louis, Missouri; and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Calgary AB. He has extensive experience with conversions, mergers, and software implementations.
  • University of Alberta and Mt. Royal College in Calgary AB; bank management and credit training program training at CIBC
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